I feel privileged to welcome you to Sankalp. At the same time, I extend my hearty & humble thanks to you for owning this and perusing the aim and motto of Sankalp – the first day-boarding school in South Odisha. Getting decades of experience and involvement in educational institutions, I thought of a school where the tension of parents and the burden of the student will be shifted to the hands of trained teachers for all-round development of the students. So started the first project of AUM SATYA SUNDAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST that risked the venture in Sankalp to foster the academic excellence of the students along with gauging their brilliance, developing them physically, strengthening them psychologically to see them soar high and be the responsible pillars of society. Sankalp will give meaning to life, help build the child’s career in the interest of the family, benefit society and create the spirit of dedication towards the nation. The school promises to shape the child a global citizen with a positive attitude and respect for culture and heritage. I hope and expect you all will nourish this plant to smile at its growth.

Thank you.