Students visit to TEDx at MKCG Medical College

Selected students from classes XI and XII of Sankalp Senior secondary school attended a TEDx talk organised by MKCG Medical College, Berhampur on 26 September 2021. Students were accompanied by principal Mr Pradipta Kishore Panigrahy, PGT Mr Biswajit Biswal and TGT Miss Mahwish Nasrin. The presence of school management was a source of motivation for the students.
The theme of the TEDx was Invent, Explore and preserve. Selected distinguished and renowned persons from different fields of medicine, defence, administration, bureaucracy, hospitality, community service etc enthralled the audience by passionately sharing their experiences on their illustrious careers. These inspiring and incredible persons delivered their talks on the theme Invent, Explore and Preserve.
Amid the inspiring talks the audience was entertained by the mesmerizing dance performance and soulful renditions by the MKCG college band Rhythmix. For the Sankalpians it was a great exposure and experience.