Principal’s Message

Dear students & parents, I heartily welcome you all to Sankalp School. The main aim of our school is the all-round development of a child. I am committed to driving up academic standards at the school. I want to use every opportunity to improve the quality of our students’ learning experience and create an atmosphere where your child can achieve to the best of his/her potential. We have a campus and facilities that are second to none and which give a huge range of opportunities for every student to succeed. We are prepared to provide the highest possible standards in all areas of activities of the School. I am delighted by the improvement in our results at all levels though determined that we will continue to improve. As you take the next step in the future education of your child, we would be delighted to show you around and talk to you. Please feel free to make an appointment at any time.

‘Education is not preparation for life but life itself.’

So, we always want you “To get together in the beginning; To stay together is progress; To work together is a success.”

Thank you.

Mr. Deba Prasad Sharma