CBSE Affiliation No - 1530132

Contact - 94391-29193 / 70777-24630


Games & Sport

At Sankalp, we believe that games and sports are integral part of the educational process and hence games and sports are integrated firmly into our curriculum. Our Games & Sports Education Programme (GSEP) emphasizes on the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills related to a range of physical and health activities. The Programme aims to encourage students to:

  • learn about body control and spatial awareness
  • master new skills and techniques in a variety of physical activities
  • recognize the importance of fair play and sportsmanship
  • Developing team spirit
  • understand how strategies can assist when participating in physical activities
  • use proper safety precautions when engaging in physical activities


The school with its sports infrastructure as well as expert professional coaches facilitates different sports and games like basketball, football, volleyball, chess, handball, netball, martial arts, cricket, skating, table tennis, badminton. Also, the students get opportunities to participate in varied recreational programs that include aerobics, yoga, athletics and exercise.