Our vision is to prepare students to achieve success across all curricular and co-curricular areas and empower them to be a responsible citizen of future India.


At Sankalp we hone our students to

  • Be concerned and sensitive towards people of their own and other cultures
  • Be responsible for their own emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Be progressive throughout their lives
  • Respect and care for the environment
  • Think independently for setting and achieving personal goals

Core Values

Our school boasts of and thrives on a set of values that integrate deeply among the teachers, the students and alike. While the teachers epitomise truthfulness, dignity, responsibility and fairness; the students too inculcate and develop essential values like loyalty, collaboration, respectfulness and a sense of service. These values not only create a convivial bond between the teachers and the students, but also carve out opportunities for the students to shape a better future.